Why Sellers Need Lilian

When buyers’ agents see Lilian’s name as the Listing Agent at the bottom of the MLS screen or printout, they “break their necks” to do business with her — because:

  • She answers my phone.
  • She follows up.
  • She arrives on time.
  • She shows up early for showings, turns on lights and makes sure the home is presentable  — (how you show a home and how you live in a home are two different matters).


  • She upload documents to the MLS as attachments — such as:
  1. Owners’ Disclosure
  2. HOA/COA Addenda to Contract (A/B)
  3. Condo (Governance Forms)
  4. Lead-Based Paint Addendum (Pre-1978)
  5. Survey
  6. Elevation Certificate
  7. Floor Plan or Blueprints
  8. (If folio starts with 30, Unincorporated Dade County Flood Rider) — as well as she uploads HOA documents and/or Condo documents to dropbox and adds a link to the attachments in MLS  —  so the potential Buyer can review and/or send to his/her attorney for review – All of the above documents (if applicable) are uploaded to MLS to make it easier for the Buyers’ Agent to  assemble the offer package.
  • She wants the Seller to achieve the best opportunities to receive the highest offers for consideration.
  • She presents all offers fairly.
  • She presents all offers timely.
  • She allows the buyer’s agent to present in person should she feel the need to do so.
  • She attends the showings (if necessary and if the residence is not on lockbox).
  • She does not “solicit” the Buyers respects the Buyers and the Buyers’ agents.

Other reasons:

  • She markets the home according to the customized plan she has provided to you.
  • She requests a copy of the Escrow Deposit Verification from the Buyers’ Agent/Escrow Agent to make sure that the “deposit monies” (First, Second, Third …) by the Buyers have actually CLEARED the bank.
  • She attends the inspections.
  • She attends the walk-through.
  • She coordinates all transaction activities through/with the attorneys (if same have been hired).
  • She makes sure the Seller does not have to clean the home once the Seller removes his possessions; she hires a cleaning company and coordinate same with Seller and new Buyer.
  • She makes sure all paperwork is turned in timely and all deadlines are met.
  • She communicates in the manner in which the Sellers desire.
  • She attends the Closing and attends to after-Closing needs of my clients.
  • She stays in touch with her Sellers should any needs arise regarding her services to them in the future.