Real Estate Sales Associate and entrepreneurial strategic project planning manager with over 10 years of experience in marketing and commercialization, project coordination, event planning and leading or developing solutions based on consumers wants and needs.

Graduated summa cum laude and valedictorian, Bachelor of Arts in Education from Caracas-Venezuela Metropolitan University. She also has an Associate Degree in Marketing and Advertising. Continuing education and training in personal and professional development, sales and management.

Multicultural and bilingual (Spanish-English) background, originally from Venezuela, raised between Omaha-Nebraska, Binghamton-NY and Caracas-Venezuela. Moved to Florida in 2012, where she lives with her family.

Personal growth and development advocate that believes in the power of healthy lifestyles, enthusiastic about the value of family and traditions, goal oriented and dynamic problem solver. Believes in helping build an ethical world where people realize their humanity and others humanity. Strives to achieve a balance between what she thinks, feels and does through awareness, with the vision of transforming into a fully aware human being.

Fluent in English and Spanish


Lilian A. Ruiz Barrera- P.A.


Mobile: 305.788.1979