Aventura Market Stats: May 2020

PART I: Using Facts and Trends

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These are the current stats of (city). (link city to city website).

http://browardleague.org/municipal-members/   (Broward)

http://mdclc.org/member-cities/   (Miami-Dade)

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Even though the graph above reflects fifteen months of sales activities, we are focusing on annual numbers.

Since one year ago, the number of active listings is (up/down) ______% while the sold properties are (up/down) ____%.

The pended are (up/down) ______%. When the PENDED LISTINGS indicator is rising, our market is in recovery. Contracts have been written and are anticipated to close.

Average home prices are (up/down).  The price per square foot of a (single-family/condo) residence, is approximately $______ per square foot – which is a/an (increase/decrease) of ______% over last year.

Part of the reason for the (shortage/increase) of inventory:

Homes remain on the market an average of _____ days — a/an (increase/decrease) of _______ over last year.

Homes are selling within ________% of their originally listed price.

The average listed price in (area) is $________ — a _______% (increase/decrease) over last year.  The average sold price is $____________.

Aventura Stats Facts and Trends 5-2020


Months of Inventory is the right information to know when it comes to whether or not we are in a buyer’s market or a seller’s market.  9-12 months is indicative of a balanced market when you have equal number of buyers to equal number of sellers.

Important information: Months of Inventory.  Currently, (city) is experiencing ________ months of inventory which is indicative of a (Seller’s/Buyer’s) market. This is a/an _______% (increase/decrease) from a year ago.

It is time to list, time to sell, time to upsize, time to downsize — money is still inexpensive to borrow.

Special Section

Today’s Stats for Aventura

PART II:  Using MLS/Matrix and Facts & Trends

__________ (City) Market Update: First Quarter of 201___

Prognosticators are saying:  (check kcmblog.com to see any predictions.)

Today’s statistics for (city/area) for single-family homes is:  _______

For multi-family is:  _______

There are currently ______ single-family homes listed for sale. _______ of those listings are short sales and ______ are foreclosures. The highest priced home is a __________ which is listed over $_________________ Million.

Compared to last year:

Number of homes for sale is up _____%.

Number of homes sold is up _____%.

Average sold price per square foot is up _____%.

Average listed price is down _____%.

Average sold price is up _____%.

‘Months of inventory’ is down _____%.


Our inventory has been so low for so long that the ________% decrease reflects ______ months of inventory.  This is still indicative of a ________’s market. A balanced market is 9 to 12 months.

Of the ______ closed sales for this first quarter, _____ buyers paid cash!


The housing market is extremely competitive from April through June. The most serious buyers are well-aware of this and double their search efforts in early Spring in order to beat the heavy competition. These buyers are ready, willing and able, and as you can see below, are carrying cash.

What about the luxury market?

Of the _______ homes sold in ______, Florida this year, _____ were priced over One Million Dollars, and ______ of those homes were purchased with cash. There are currently _____ homes in _______ priced over One Million Dollars.

If you are serious about getting the highest price, now is the time to sell.  As inventories increase, prices will level.